Variables and Strings

Unit 1:  Variables and Strings

In this unit you’ll get started with Python, and write your first Python programs.  You’ll learn about variables and assignment, and you’ll learn about strings.  You’ll learn to make your programs interact with the user, and finally you’ll make a creative and fun word game.

If you are are working on your own computer, you’ll need to install Python.

Remember, the work on these assignments should be your own.  Please never let another student copy your work, and do not copy any other students’ work.  You can look at the resources provide or search the internet for help with the problems, but you should not copy and paste code you find online – you should attempt to understand and use what you find online.

Read about variables, strings and assigning values to variables in Python.

Read about getting user input and saving it to a variable.

To insert variables into strings, which you’ll need to make “Name” and “Word Game”, you should learn a little about string formatting.

Programming Assignments

Assignment 1a:  Name

Assignment 1b:  Word Game

Resources – if you are installing python on your own computer, start here.  Make sure you use Python 3, not Python 2. – This site is similar to the WordGame assignment.  If you’re confused about the WordGame assignment, take a look at this website.

Read about variable assignment and strings in Python.

A deep dive on strings in Python.