Assignment 1b: Word Game

Word Game

Your word game program will create a story.  Some of the story will be in the program, but parts of it will be supplied by the user.  It will be kind of like a computer run Mad Lib, if you know what those are.  If you’re confused, take a look at this website.   The user should supply at least eight words, then should be shown the whole story all at once.

Your story should prompt the user for at least eight different words.  After the user has supplied all the words, the program should generate the story.  A good Word Game project will have:

  • At least eight user supplied words.
  • Some user supplied words are used more than once in the story.
  • The story is a story!  Make it funny or interesting if you can.

Before you write any code, write the story out!  Look in our Google Classroom for the Word Game Design assignment.

Then, write the code for your word game.

To do more (optional):

Look online to figure out how to make your program pause (for dramatic effect!) when the story is being shown.  You’ll need to use another import to get the function you need.


Need some help?  Watch this 3 minute video to help you get started.