Using the CS50 IDE

IDE stands for “Integrated Development Environment”. The CS50 IDE is one that works online, in the Chrome Browser. With it, you’ll have a place to write and run Python programs (and lots of other kinds of programs, too). To use it you’ll have to:

Make an Account at

Visit Use your LS email to sign up for an account. You don’t have to answer all their questions. Don’t forget your password – you’ll need it! You will need to check your email for an email from them and verify your email before you can move on.

Go to the CS50 IDE

Visit Click the big Log In button. It may log you right in, or it may ask for your github username and password. Even if it logs you right in this time, you will have to enter your github username and password some of the time, so don’t forget them!

Learn to use the IDE. There are two types of tabs you can make – Editor tabs and Terminal tabs. Editor tabs are where you write programs. And you have to save the programs with names that end in “.py”. Then you run the programs in the Terminal tabs.

Using the CS50 IDE