Web Publishing

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In Web Publishing, you’ll learn to make websites.  You’ll start with the basics, and move up to more complex websites.  Each unit has a list of resources, and one or more projects.  We’ll cover some of the material you need to learn together in class, but you’ll also need to go to the resources – especially if you want to do a great job on a project.

The course is broken up into six units.  In each unit you’ll make several web pages, building up your skills.  When you’re done with each project you’ll move it online, so that anyone (who knows the URL of your site) can see it.  Then, in the Google Classroom, you’ll answer a bunch of questions.  This won’t be quiz – you can take as long as you need and use online resources to answer the questions.  But these written assignments represent the knowledge you’ll be taking with you into the next assignment – so make sure you can answer them before you move on.

Each unit has a core set of requirements that everyone needs to do, and then some stretch goals to attempt if you have time.




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