You’ve made several web pages, and now its time to put them online.  Once they are online, anyone, anywhere in the world can see your web pages.  Please make sure they are school appropriate! In your folder on the Web Server, you should put all the pages you’ve made.  This should include citizenship.html, and contract.html.   If you have a page called first.html you can put that online as well.   Make sure you can see them at their online address.  For instance: http://LSRHS4-29/Site/contract.html.   Where the first part is your GitHub username. Then make a new file called index.html, and put it in the same folder.   Index.html should be mainly a page of links to your other pages.  It can also include short descriptions of each project we’ve done.

…And More

Use a description list (sometimes called a definition list) or a table to organize your index.html page.  Give your index page its own style sheet and make it look good. The very best index page tells the story of your work in this class, and provides links to everything you’ve done.  This page is where I’m going to start when its time to evaluate your work!