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There are two parts to this assignment.  In the first, you’ll learn about images and summarize what you’ve learned on your web site.  In the second, you’ll find and make some images, then put them on your web site using a table.

Make a folder called “images” in your “Site” folder.  Put all the work – html, css, and image files – in that folder!


This page should have short descriptions, in your own words, of the three main image formats in use on the web:  PNG, JPEG, and GIF.  What are they best used for?


Make a new file, called index.html, in your images folder.  You already have one in your Site folder.  Each website folder you make will have an index.html page.†

This page should have a table, with 6 rows and 2 columns.  In each row, one of the two cells should have an image in it, and the other should have information about that image.  The six images should be:

1.  An image from the internet, in the public domain.

2.  An image taken by you with a digital camera or phone.  Not of a person.

3. A drawing made using Photoshop and saved as a PNG image.

4.  An image you find online and modify significantly using Photoshop.

5.  An image of text in a cool font made using Photoshop and saved with a transparent background.  Try making it “3D”.

6.  One more image.  You choose.

For each image, supply the following information:

A citation showing where it came from.

The image type (PNG, JPEG, or GIF)

The size of the image in pixels (300 x 400, for example)

The size of the image file (350 KB, for example)




And more…

Try to make an animated GIF.  Look up how.

Make an image map.  Look up how.



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 A site with some great resources about image file types – the part you need is partway down the page.  This one is more concise, but not as complete.   W3Schools site on Tables.  

HTML Tables from Mark Sobkowicz on Vimeo.

Table Styles from Mark Sobkowicz on Vimeo.