Here are some resources to help you with Finance.  I’m adding things at the top of this page – the older stuff is lower down.

Here is the AJAX video.  If you haven’t yet done the jQuery video below, do that one first or this one won’t make any sense.   This shows ONE way to use AJAX to make a request from the server and handle the response.   You can definitely use it to do Check.  If you see other ways online, those would probably work too!  Javascript has many, many libraries and methods for this stuff.

This is a video to get you started doing Check.

Some of you are struggling to get “buy” working.  Here I live code “buy” from scratch.  Its about 30 minutes long, so settle in!

This is a video to help you with “index”.

Coming soon, a video to help with JQuery and AJAX, to do the “check” part.