Final Project: WordPress

You’ll be making a Final Project website with WordPress.  You can make a site for any organization or person – real or imagined.  It could be a site for an organization here at school, or a site for a business.

Before we start, you’ll have to go to this page and log in with your LS network credentials.

Choose (or invent) an organization for your site.

First, decide what organization or person your web site is for.  Gather some information, and decide on topics for at least five pages on your site.  Then get started making your site!

Steps to set up a WordPress site.

1.  Start in the Settings.  Set the title and byline.  Set the time zone.  Look through the other settings.

2.  Make 5 new pages.  They don’t have to be complete, but they should have titles, and some content including a few pictures.  Make one page called “News” or something like that to display Posts.  You should delete the Sample Page after you’ve created some pages.

3.  Choose a theme.   Look at the pages you’ve made before you decide that you like a theme.  Your theme needs to have certain things, like the ability to have a static front page, and a main menu.  If you pick one without these things, you’ll have to change it later.

4.  Customize your theme so that it shows a “Static Front Page”.  Set your News page to show your posts here too.

5.  Make a new menu, and make it your Primary Menu (some themes call it something else, but almost all themes have a primary menu.)

Project Criteria

1.  Some combination of pages and posts that add up to 8.

2.  Explore and change the theme options.  Don’t leave any pictures from the theme (other than decorative backgrounds or borders).

3.  Make at least one menu, and set it to the primary menu.  Don’t leave the default menu on your site!

4.  At least 5 images and one other file uploaded and shared on your site.  At least 2 of the images should be images you took or created.

5.  Use editing options like text color, italics, etc.

6.  Use at least two non-trivial plugins.  One can be a contact form.

7.  Add at least two widgets to your sidebar (or somewhere else if your theme doesn’t have a sidebar).  Delete/change some of the ones that are there to start with.

8.  Make sure you didn’t leave any stock images in your project.  If your theme has images, change them to your own.