Div Tags – Travel Website


Your assignment is to create a travel website.  It can be to anywhere – real or imagined!

First, to learn about div tags, do the tutorial – Just the “Floats” part.  That’s what you want for this assignment.   Don’t just copy and paste the code – go through it, and learn what there is to learn there.

Second, choose a place, real or imagined, to make a travel site for.   Your site will have at least six pages, with a menu on each page that is identical.  The best way to do this is to make a single page with the menu and then save copies of that page – a lot like we did with the story website.  Your travel site should have the following pages:

  1. A Main page, with some great pictures
  2. A Lodgings page, showing people where they can stay
  3. An Attractions page, showing people what they can do
  4. A Location page, showing people where it is and how they can get there.
  5. A Testimonials page, showing some (fake) testimonials from former visitors.
  6. A Citations page, showing where you got your source material.

To Do a Good Job:

  • Give your divs good ids.  DO NOT CALL THEM id = “red”, id = “blue”, etc.
  • Continue to use fonts, colors, etc.
  • Use padding and/or margins appropriately.
  • Cite your images
  • You can use real places or imagined in your site.  If its a real place it doesn’t have to be an actual travel destination.  If you pick an interesting place (real or imaginary) your pages will be easier to make.



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