I’m a teacher at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School, teaching Computer Science and Physics.  In the Spring 2017 semester, I’m teaching Intro to Programming, Web Publishing,  and AP Physics.  I’m also the Computer Department Coordinator.

In the fall of 2017 I’m excited to be bringing AP Computer Science Principles, using Harvard’s CS50 curriculum, to Lincoln Sudbury.

I’ve been at Lincoln Sudbury since 1995, and I’ve been teaching Computer Science here since 1999.  I’m very interested in teaching computer science to young people, with a focus on using games to engage students in learning to program, and in getting students to see computer programming as an art and a craft, as well as a science.

I have a personal blog at https://gameswithcode.com.  I write there about all kinds of random things.

Mark Sobkowicz

Lincoln Sudbury Regional
High School


978-443-9961 x3339